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Xero integration setup

Xero is an online accounting software that you can integrate with your FieldInsight account

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Integration Overview

If you have a Xero account, you can import FieldInsight invoices, quotes & purchase orders, and manage payment & expenditure. FieldInsight invoices are exported to Xero account keeping the current payment status from FieldInsight. Learn more about the Xero integration


1)To setup FieldInsight-Xero integration click on the Menu icon to the top-right corner of FieldInsight page and select 'Integrations'.

Click  Enable button next to Xero

2)Login to your Xero account in the pop-up window that opens

Sales settings

Purchases settings

Payments settings

Configure your payment account in FieldInsight - Xero connector. To export/import payments for invoices exported to Xero, select the checkbox 'Enable export of payments' and/or "Enable Import of payments' - Note: Payments will only be imported for Invoices create in FieldInsight and exported to Xero.

Document fields settings

Document Prefix adds your own prefix when you export documents to Xero, this could be useful if you sync document from more than one place to quickly reference when document come from.

Invoice Reference field

You can add information to the Invoice reference field in Xero to transfer job or project details, purchase order number or any other customer data to Xero. Use the relevant FieldInsight Placeholders from the Settings-Templates page in this field to ensure dynamic transfer of data. There are several placeholder available, here are some example:

  • {invoice-purchase-order-number} - from the Invoice page

  • {job-number} - for the first job on the invoice only

  • {job-type} - from the first job on the invoice only

  • {project-name} - from the Invoice page

  • {customer-address} - from the Invoice page

  • Or any custom fields - See the complete list of field in one of your templates

Click Save button after taking care of required configuration.

Tip: If you need to export more information such as job notes or technician notes, you can automatically add a default service items with this information in the description, click here for more information about adding a default item using placeholders

Create all invoices in draft status in Xero

check 'Always sync invoices to draft' to have all you invoices created in draft status in Xero. This is useful if you want to export changes to invoices from FieldInsight as Xero doesn't allow any changes to Invoices in Approved or later status

Export invoices for account customer or site customer

Export all Invoices to the Account customer if there is an account customer available or use the site if there's no account customer. Check 'Default Xero invoice to account customer if available'

Import bills from Xero

Automatically import bills from suppliers added in FieldInsight from Xero

To enable import of bills from Xero check Pull new bills from Xero, in Xero settings. Bills are imported when they are created in Xero if the Supplier exists in FiledInsight. The Supplier it matched by email address only. Learn more about using bills from Xero in FiledInsight to track costs against your projects

Save and confirm integration

The system displays following message and the integration connector gets enabled.

The status of the connector on Settings->Add-ons page is Enabled.  Use Edit Settings button to change any setting in the connector.

Your now ready to export invoices to Xero

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