Integrating with MYOB AccountRight

Setup the MYOB / FieldInsight integration

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If you use Account Right Live by MYOB, you can integrate your MYOB account to FieldInsight. Please note that this is only available for Windows users.

Open 'Integrations' in FieldInsight

Click 'Enable' beside MYOB

Log into MYOB

FieldInsight will take you to an MYOB login screen. Enter your credentials to move on to the next step.

Choose your Company File

On 'MYOB company file' screen, select your company file from drop-down list and enter Username & Password for that particular company file.

Update MYOB tax settings (if necessary)

Items with No Tax will be exported to the 0% Tax account

Confirm and / or change default MYOB account settings

These will be used as default for items or workflow

Specify setting for customer & inventory sync

Select the check-box to update customer & inventory data in MYOB with FieldInsight data. If you deselect the checkbox, MYOB customer & inventory data will not be overwritten by FieldInsight.

Import Payments from MYOB to FieldInsight

Select if you want to sync payments from MYOB to FieldInsight, new payments should be imported automatically within 5 minutes

Import bills from MYOB to FieldInsight

Select export to item invoice or service invoice (no inventory)

Item invoice will export inventory to MYOB and import items from MYOB when they are changed in MYOB

Service invoice will not create items in MYOB inventory and will instead create a service invoice in MYOB using the description from the line items in the FieldInsight invoice, and the account selected for he workflow on the Invoice.

Select accounts for each FiledInsight workflow

Select customer type

This should be the customer that you create the invoices for in FieldInsight

Click 'Done' button to complete the setup of FieldInsight - MYOB connector.

MYOB - FieldInsight customer linking

  • If you edit a customer in MYOB it will be updated in FieldInsight.

  • If you create a new customer in MYOB it will be matched to an existing customer FieldInsight or if no match is found a new customer will be created.

  • To change the linking between customers in FieldInsight and MYOB, click on the change customer link and select a customer in MYOB

What's Next?

You can now export content from your FieldInsight account to your MYOB account. Learn more about how to export data by clicking here.

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