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Customize your Email and SMS templates and send automatic job reminders, ETAs and Quotes, Invoices and Reports

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Set up your templates to send automatic job reminders to your customers and/or technicians. Email invoices, quotes, or any other report on job status changes, and have your techs in the field send ETAs when they leave for a job.Β 

There are three different types of messages: Instant, Reminder, and Triggered messages. All of them can be sent as Email or SMS to Customers, Schedulers, or Technicians.

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Instant and reminder messages templates

Now, let's go to Settings. To change the message templates click on the little orange gear icon βš™οΈ in the upper right corner of any page.

Click the Settings button at the top of the dropdown menu.

On the Settings page, from the top horizontal menu, hit Email & SMS button to

get to the message page.

Select the message type that you want to edit the templates for.

Make the changes to the template using {placeholders} to add customer and job information to your message. The placeholders will be replaced with the information on the job when you send the message, for example, Hi {customer-first-name}, as shown below.

A default template has been set up for you.

Edit the Instant Emails template. When you're done, click the Save template button to save the message.

Edit the customer Remainder Emails template, then hit the Save template tab to save the message.

Turning on Email and Text Reminders

On the Settings page, hit the Misc tab.

On the Misc tab, scroll down for reminders settings.

Here's what you're looking for:

You can turn on reminders for text messages and set when the reminders should be sent. Once you turn on the option to send a reminder to a particular group, you can set how much time before the job to send the reminder, and if the app should send an email reminder, text, or both.

Triggered messages

When editing the template for triggered messages, you also need to select what job status will trigger the message. For example, you can set up an invoice to be emailed out when you set the job status to invoiced. You can also have different messages for different job types.

Service reminders

For job series you can select to send a reminder only for the last job in a series, to do this select Last job saved in a series with this status

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If you've set up message templates for emails and texts, you may also want to set up templates for your invoices.

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