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What is the Difference between Message types
What is the Difference between Message types

Below is a brief explanation for the difference between Instant, Reminder and Triggered message types

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Explanation of Instant vs Reminder Messages

Reminder messages are configured when the work is scheduled or as a tool while confirming jobs the night before. If you do not specify these when booking the task, no notification will be sent out.

Note: the use of SMS will incur a charge, email is free.

Triggered Messages

Triggered messages will only fire/trigger when the event occurs, this is usually a Job Status change or Job type (you could use this instead of reminder message); but can be a combination of items.
Some examples would be:

  • send a confirmation email to the Customer when a job is scheduled with the job details (you could also have set a reminder at job booking)

  • send a 'thank you for your business' to the customer after the job status is set to complete 

Support for Renewal reminders for Customer

This feature was introduced for customers that schedule maintenance jobs 6 or 12 months in advance and provides the opportunity to send the 'Customer Reminder' when the job is booked and set the 'Customer Renewal Reminder' in advance (set and forget).

Tip:  You can also set the Scheduler reminder to the same date or earlier than the 'Customer Renewal Reminder' to ensure the Scheduler can action the job (technician assignment, job type etc).

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