Set up your templates to send automatic job reminders to your customers and / or technicians. Email invoices, quotes or any other report on job status change and have your tech's in the field send ETA's when the leave for a job. 

There are three different types of messages, Instant, Reminder and Triggered messages, both can be sent as emails or SMS to Customers, Schedulers or Technicians.  To find out more about the different messages check out:

Instant and reminder messages templates

To change the messages templates click on Settings - Email & SMS and select the message type that you want to edit the templates for

Make the changes to the template using {placeholders} to add customer and job information to your message. The placeholders will be replaced with the information on the job when you send the message, for example Hi {customer-first-name}, All the available placeholders  are listed on the right hand side. A default template has been set up for you. When you're done, click save to start using the template.  

Edit the instant email messages and click save

Edit the customer email reminder template

Turning on Email and Text Reminders

In the 'Misc' tab in your settings, you can turn on reminders for text messages and set when the reminders should be sent.

Once you turn on the option to send a reminder to a particular group, you can set how much time before the job to send the reminder, and if the app should send an email reminder, text, or both.

Default job reminders section, located in Settings > Misc.

Triggered messages

When editing the template for triggered messages, you also need to select what job status that triggers the message. For example, you can set up an invoice to be emailed out when you set the job status to invoiced. You can also have different messages for different job types.

Service reminders

For job series you can select to send a reminder only for the last job in a series, to do this select Last job saved in a series with this status

What's Next?

If you've set up message templates for emails and texts, you may also want to set up templates for your invoices.

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