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Sending Invoices to Customers
Sending Invoices to Customers

Once a job is finished, you can use FieldInsight to send the customer an invoice and even take a payment - here's how!

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The power of getting an invoice in front of the customer as quickly as possible helps reduce double handling, paperwork, and delays in getting paid.

Below we outline How to create Invoices in the Field (using the Mobile app) or in the Office by the Scheduler.

Technicians can send invoices after a job is complete (if the option is activated in your account settings). Invoices can also be generated in the Scheduler view.

Inside the Mobile App

To access or create invoices for a job, open the 'Sales' section.

Under 'Invoices', select 'Add' to create a new invoice. OR select 'View' to see and send an invoice that has already been added to the job.

Creating an Invoice

FieldInsight creates a draft invoice that you can review and update. Any hours added to the app through the 'Actual Timesheet' feature will automatically be included.  You may have to add Hours or Products on the Job before you can create an Invoice.

If the invoice doesn't have a total, check that a service item has been added to it. Service items and costs should be added to the app.

Adding Job Files to the Invoice

We've now added the ability to attach multiple files to the invoice.

To add/attach files to the invoice, select the invoice and scroll down to the bottom then click the Email button

Next, click the + File button then locate and select the file you wish to add to the invoice.

Once you're ready to send the invoice, click the 'Email' link at the bottom of the page.

On the email screen, you can review and edit the subject and content of the email. When you're ready to send, tap 'Send' -- the customer should then receive the invoice in a few minutes.

Viewing and Sending an Invoice

Select the invoice that has been added to the job to view it. You'll then see a mobile version of the invoice with the hours, any items that were added, the invoice date, and how many days before it's due.

Review the invoice and when you're ready to send, click the 'Email' link at the bottom of the page.

Record or Take Payments against the invoice in the Mobile App.

You can also record or take a payment directly from the Invoice.  Please refer to 'Take Payments in the field for Invoices'.

In the Desktop App / Scheduler view

Create a New Invoice from the Scheduler View (Desktop App)

Click here to review the Help document on 'Invoicing:  Getting Paid for All Your Jobs'.

Invoice already drafted by the Technician via Mobile App

If the invoice has already been added to a job (by the Technician via the Mobile app) you can review and send the invoice from the 'Invoices' tab on the job.

Open the job that has the invoice attached that you want to send. Open the 'Invoices' tab at the bottom of the page.

Sending the Invoice

To send your Invoice click on the email button at the bottom of the Invoice page, or use the link in the Invoice list under more.

Edit the email message in the popup, editing the text and adding styles using the editor buttons. You can also attach files (PDF, product brochures and flyers) using the Add file link under the text editor. The files will be added as links that the customer can click to download. Click 'Send' when you're ready and the customer should receive the invoice in a few minutes.

Invoice reply

By default the reply to address for all sales emails (invoices, quotes, reports and Purchase orders) is the business email address. you can change this and have the email reply set to the sender (ie the scheduler or technician that sends the document) in Settings - Misc under Sales documents

After an Invoice has been Sent

You'll see a banner that says 'Email sent', regardless of whether you're sending the invoice from the desktop or mobile app.

Now when viewing the invoice the box under 'Sent' will be checked.

What's Next?

Now we wait. For payment!

DONT WANT TO WAIT FOR PAYMENT......Click here to set-up eWay and take Credit card Payments on the Spot.

Or check out FieldInsight's integrations.

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