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Creating Invoices for Jobs and Items
Creating Invoices for Jobs and Items

Invoices can be added when created individually, or from Jobs in your account.

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There are a few ways to create invoices. You can create an invoice from a job by clicking the '+ New Invoice' button on a saved job. This will open up a new screen where you can create an invoice for the job.

You can also create an invoice by clicking on the 'Sales' tab on the left-hand side menu. On the page that opens, you'll see all the invoices created for your account. Click the '+ Add Invoice' button to create a new invoice.

Adding Jobs and Inventory to an Invoice

If you're creating a new invoice (without being attached to a job), you can add jobs or inventory to the invoice under the 'Job & Inventory section' at the bottom.

If you just have an item to add, click the '+ Item' button that says:

If a job is already in your account click 'Add job' or 'Add job with inventory' to find the entry and add it to the invoice.

Clicking '+ Item ' will display entities that you can add to to the invoice: Service, Product, Expense, Additional Charge, Package.

Click on the entity that reflect the items purchased and fill in the details:

The totals on the right will update automatically.

Updating Items and Jobs

When you click the '+ Item' button, a line will show up where you can update the type of item (Service, Product, Expense, Additional Charge, Package), Category, Code, Description, Qty (quantity) and Price. You can also update the field under 'Tax' to say 'YES' or 'NO'.

Amounts and the invoice total are updated automatically as you make changes.

Creating an Invoice for Multiple Jobs

Instead of creating multiple invoices for multiple jobs, you can create one invoice and add multiple jobs.

To do this you would select more than one job in your account to attach to the invoice after clicking the 'Add job' button.

In the new window select the jobs you would like to attach to the invoice and click the "Add selected jobs" button.

When you select the " Add Job" a page with all your jobs will open. Check the box beside the job you want to add and click add selected jobs to the add them.

If the jobs have service hours and / or items already added to them, the invoice will update to reflect the total cost.

Other Invoice Details

Schedule flow automatically creates an invoice with the customer name and information included. Once you create the invoice you can download it or email it to your customer right from the screen where you edit the invoice.

Once you've finished editing the information, click 'Close'. If you're creating the invoice from a job, the app will take you back to the job screen.

Note: If you originally created a job that will repeat, Schedule flow will only create an invoice for the original job. Invoices will have to be created for the repeated jobs.

Update items on an Invoice or Quote

If a document already exist and you want to update the items to match the items on the job, click new Invoice, Quote or Purchase Order and in the popup select if you want to add a new document or update the items on the existing document

What's Next?

Once you've finished creating your invoice there are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Take a payment for the invoice directly in the field.  Click here to find out how to take a payment including credit card using our eWay integration straight from the invoice in the field.

  2. Send it to your customer for payment. Click here to find out how to send invoices to customers.

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