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Completing Jobs: For Technicians and Schedulers
Completing Jobs: For Technicians and Schedulers

Access the FieldInsight app compatible with Android or Apple to quickly and easily track jobs!

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Completing jobs in FieldInsight is very simple through the app. At first glance, you can see what jobs are scheduled for the week, who the customer is, and the status of the job.

The FieldInsight App

When you first log in to the app, you'll see a list of jobs you have scheduled for the week.  You may have to click 'Today'.

Selecting a day from the list would show you the jobs that you have scheduled for the day. Select the job, and you'll see the details -- where it is, the customer's name, payment methods (if entered) and if a signature is required (also if entered).

Updating Customers via Text

At the top of the Job Details is an SMS section where you can let a customer know how far away you are from arriving at their location.

Before sending the message, you can edit and review what will be sent. This is your opportunity to let them know if they should get any materials ready, or confirm directions.

Tracking your Time

Tap or click 'Show' beside the 'Actual Timesheet' and you can start tracking your time spent on the job.

Click 'End Logging Time' to stop the clock. The app will show you a review of how many hours you worked and will give you an opportunity to select the Item code that applies to the job.

Once you've updated how much time you've spent on the job, click 'Save'. Now when you look at the job details, you'll see your added time.

Adding Products to a Job

FieldInsight account Admins can add products and inventory to the main account. If you use any materials on the job, you can update it in the app to reflect this. To make these updates, look under the 'Hours and Products' heading, and select 'Add' under 'Products'.

On the next screen, choose the small arrow beside 'Item code' to add products from the company inventory to the job.

You'll then see a list of inventory that you can choose from for the job. Select an item and you can update the quantity (if necessary). Click 'Save' to update the job.

Changing the Status of a Job

Click the blue 'Scheduled' bar at the top of the job information to see a list of statuses. Other than 'Scheduled', you can select 'Accepted', 'Completed' or 'Incomplete'.

If the job is finished, select 'Completed', and the job details will update to reflect the change.

Don't forget to tap the green 'Save job' button to keep your changes!

Getting a Signature

Under 'Job details', you can get the customer to sign off by clicking the 'Set signature' link.

A signature box will open where the customer can sign. Click 'Set signature' and the customer's entry will be saved in the app.

What's Next?

Find out how to send customers an invoice after a job is completed by clicking here. You can also log into the FieldInsight app and check out the jobs that are on your schedule!

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