When arriving at a job you can track your work time right in the mobile app using 'Timesheets'.

Click 'Add my time'.

Open 'Timesheet'

Click the arrow beside 'Show' to open 'Actual Timesheet' (if it's not open already). If Actual Timesheet is open you will see an arrow pointing down that says 'Hide' beside it.

Then select the 'Start logging time' link. A small calendar will display that will allow you to choose the start date and time. Tap 'SET' and the timer will start counting.

The Actual Timesheet calendar -- this shows to confirm when FieldInsight will start tracking your work time.

When finished with the job, click the 'End logging job time' link to stop the timer. The mini-calendar will show up again to confirm the job stop time.

The next screen is where you can update the time tracked on the job, and choose the item code for the service. This way when the invoice is created, the cost is automatically calculated.

Click 'Save' on the new service, and the time will be added to the job.

What's Next?

Once work is completed on the job you can update the status. If you need to revisit the job, it might be better to change the status to 'Incomplete'.

You can then go back to the job and use Actual Timesheet feature again to track your time for another visit. Check out this article on managing multiple visits for the same job.

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