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If you have a maintenance contract for a client that you need to keep running you are going to love our new module.

PreventativeINSIGHT allows you to easily keep track of all your contractual agreements for your client.

Easily plan weekly, monthly and annual maintenance schedules in FieldInsight.

To use P.M Insight you need to also be using AssetINSIGHT . These features are an add on to your existing plan, contact us to upgrade.

The Preventative Maintenance Module has many advanced options that can be customised to suit your workflow. Book in a free demo to see how it can work for you.

Steps to get started with Preventive Maintenance

  1. Book a 15 mins chat

  2. Upgrade to P.M Insight

  3. Configure your Service tests

  4. Add a Preventive Maintenance Contract

  5. Schedule the PPM jobs

  6. Complete a Preventive Maintenance test in the field

  7. Check PPM Progress and send a report to the customer

  8. Log a defect on an Asset in the field (Mobile)

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