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Add a Preventive Maintenance Contract
Add a Preventive Maintenance Contract

How to setup a new contract for PM asset service tests

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A Maintenance Contract is where you keep track of the Assets, tests and jobs for a contract on a site. You can have one Contract with several asset types and tests, for example, monthly and quarterly tests for Outdoor Units and Indoor units. Contracts have a start and end date and can be renews at the end of the contract

Add a Preventive Maintenance contract

To add a Preventive Maintenance Contract open the Maintenance Contracts page under Assets in the main navigation. This is where you will find a list of all your active Maintenance Contracts

Click on the Add Contract link to the right of the search

Enter the Contract details

1. Enter a name for the Contract

2. Link this Contract to an existing project (optional)

3. Select the site where the Assets are located

4. Select a start and End date for the Contract

5. Select the Tolerance for when the tests is due to be completed.

  • Fixed Tolerance (default) - the test can be completed any time within the week/month that the test is scheduled in. For example test is scheduled for the 6 March, but can be completed any time in March).

  • Variable Tolerance - the test is time critical and needs to be completed on or close to a date. The range of days vary depending on the frequency of the test, see chart below for the variable tolerance

6. Click save to save the Contract

Add the Assets and Service tests

Assets and tests are added to the contract in groups usually defined by asset type. An asset group is a list of assets and the tests to be completed for these assets, for example I might have two types of assets with different service tests, say Indoor units and Outdoor units. so I setup two asset groups one for Indoor units and one for Outdoor units, then I assign the different test to be completed for these asset groups.

To add an asset group, click on Add Asset group

Name this group, select the Asset types and click create

Add tests to the asset groups

Click on the Test tab, click on Add test and select the Asset test to complete for this Asset group.

The test tab shows a list of all the test to be completed for this asset group

Add Assets

Click on the Asset Tab then Add Assets

Use the search to find the Assets for this group, select the assets using the checkbox on the left of the Asset ID and click the Add Selected button. You can also add new assets for this site using the Add new asset button

In the popup click Add to add the selected Assets for the entire contract period.

  • If you add a new asset in the middle of a Contract, change the start date on this popup to only schedule PM test for a selected date range within the contract.

The asset tab show a list of the Assets to be tested, click on the Asset ID to edit the start and end date

Check on the PPM progress for a contract

Open the Maintenance Contract page from the Asset dropdown in the main navigation.

The first page shows an overview of all contracts and the progress of the PPM tests by month.

  • Change the Display period using the dropdown and the start date

  • Search by Name or site to find a specific Contract

Click on a contract to view and edit the contract details, assets and tests

(updating the questions on a test can also be done in Assets - Tests)

Click on the Edit Contract button to edit the contract details, start and end date.

Click on the coloured box for the month to view the progress of the asset test and to find the scheduled jobs


Learn how to schedule the jobs for this contract

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