The Timesheet report will give you a daily or weekly summary of the hours worked by your technicians. There's also a detailed view where schedules can view and edit each timesheet record. 

The timesheet report is accessible for schedules under Reports -Timesheets in the main menu.

There are several option for viewing the timesheet report. All reports can be downloaded as spreadsheets using the Download CSV button.

Daily or weekly timesheet report

To approve timesheets click on the Daily or Weekly tab as selected in settings for your approval flow. 

Tips: you can customise the columns that you see in the weekly and Daily timesheet report in Settings - System Fields 

Detailed report

The Details report shows every timesheet record entered. It can be filtered by date and technician. Schedulers can also edit the timesheet entries from this report by clicking on the edit link to the right of a timesheet record.

The individual timesheet report for a technician is showing the timesheet hours logged for the technician. Click on the technicians name to access this report

View timesheet for a job

Open the job and click on the items tab, the timesheet for this job can be seen at the top. You can add them to billable items by checking them and clicking copy to billable

To see a summary of hours for all jobs in a series, click on the visit tab.


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