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How to Add an Asset test
How to Add an Asset test
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Asset Testing is a feature that can be enabled to support businesses that regularly complete testing on customer assets and need a way to capture test outcomes as well as report.

If you do not find Asset management in your options, you will need to upgrade your subscription to gain access to this service.

Set up the asset test

Step 1

1. Click on Asset tests and select Tests to create an Asset test

Step 2

Add a new test and give it a name. This is the name that your field technicians will use to start the test. Then click the Save button.

Step 3

Set the test details and defaults for Preventive Maintenance

Choose whether this test applies to all asset types or just one. You can select more than one type if necessary. Please keep in mind that if you select a specific asset type, this test will not appear for the other assets.

If you check this box, technicians will be prompted to sign when they save the asset test.

Set the default Frequency for this test (for example, monthly for a monthly service test) so that when this test is added to a contract, it will have this frequency by default.

Select a short name for Preventive Maintenance to identify this test on PM contracts (optional).

Step 4

Click Save to save this test.

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