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How to Create an Asset on the Assets Page
How to Create an Asset on the Assets Page
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Step 1

Log in to FieldInsight using a scheduler account.

Step 2

Click on Asset Category under Assets to navigate to the Asset Categories Page, where you manage and configure Asset Categories and Types

Step 3

Click on “Category (Add) button then enter the name of the category and Save.

Optional, only if you will add a Level 2 Asset Type

Once a Level 1 Asset Type is added, click the small dropdown menu beside the newly added Level 1 Asset Type and

click on ‘Add child asset type’ to add Level 2 Asset Type.

The category column displays the categories assigned to your assets. While Level 1-3 are the multi level asset defined for your assets. And the tests are specific to each asset category.

Step 4

To add the Level 1 Asset Type, click the little drop down next to the newly - added category and select "Add asset type." Setting up an asset type plays a vital role since it will act as a glue to your maintenance contract once you've built your maintenance plan.

Step 5

Enter the name of the asset types and Save it.

Pls. Note when you delete a category, it also deletes all the asset type levels that are under it or related with it. In the same way, when an asset type level is removed, its lower level asset types are likewise deleted.

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