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How to download the mobile app using IOS/Apple Device
How to download the mobile app using IOS/Apple Device

This help guide will help you how to save, and bookmark the FieldInsight web app using your IOS device.

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Using IOS, Open your Safari browser and visit

Your screen should look like this

Then tap the Upward arrow icon, to provide menu on how you can add it on your Home screen.

Please note: Apple have removed the ability to save a WebApp on to your home screen via Chrome. You will need to open FieldInsignt via Safari or Firefox to save the webApp to your home screen.

  • After tapping the Upward icon, please tap the “ Add to Home Screen”

  • Then tap “Add”

  • After tapping Add, Go to your home screen and you'll see that your WebApp for FieldInsight has been saved.

Login with your username and password. To automatically log in, always click the "Remember Me" box to be logged in automatically.

How to retrieve your password or log in details

In this lesson we will walk you through what to do if you are having trouble logging in. If you are trying to log in but you have forgotten your username or password, click the ‘forgot your password?’ option in the login page.

Now you can reset your password. Enter your username or email address and click ‘reset password’.

For a forgotten username, enter your email address associated with your account then click reset.

Next go to your associated email, if it does not appear in your inbox, check the spam, and junk mail folders.

Open the email and click on the link provided.

You will be prompted to enter your new password here.

Alternatively to get your username if you are a scheduler, go to the clog and click ‘settings’.

Click on the ‘staff’ tab and your username will be listed.

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