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How to download the mobile app using Android
How to download the mobile app using Android

This help guide will help you how to save, and bookmark the FieldInsight web app using your Android device.

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  1. Using Android, Open your mobile browser and visit the

  2. And your screen should look like this

3. To add a FieldInsight shortcut icon to your phone's Home screen, tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen.

  • After tapping the 3 dots, please click the “ Add to Home Screen”

  • Then tap “Add”

  • After tapping Add, Go to your home screen and you'll see that your WebApp for FieldInsight has been saved.

Now we've finally finished setting up your WebApp.

Login with your username and password. To automatically log in, and always click the "Remember Me" box to be logged in automatically.

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