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How to Create an Unscheduled Job
How to Create an Unscheduled Job
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First, login to your FieldInsight account with Scheduler access.

On the Home screen, press the Add Job button just under the mini-calendar.

On the next screen, it is where you will add the job information such as the customer’s name, mobile, address, email address and any other information.

Providing Site Customer Details:

  • Consider an Account customer to be the account you'll use to bill for services given across many sites. Click on the menu to select an existing Account Customer or click to add a new one. When you pick an Account Customer, you will only see associated Projects and Sites when you click their respective drop downs.

  • This is a method for grouping site(s) into a Project. You may use the dropdown to select an existing Project or add a new one. When you select a Project, the Account customer is automatically entered, and when you click the 'Select site dropdown' you will only see linked sites.

  • When you choose a Site, the Account customer is automatically filled in, and you will only see linked projects when you click the 'Project Dropdown' button.

  • The Site - This refers to the location where a technician will perform the work or the person to whom you will bill for services rendered. If you send the invoice to the same location where you perform the work, Site alone may be more convenient. You may use the dropdown to choose an existing site or enter the site information directly for a new Site.

Providing Job Information:

The Job information is found under the Account and Site details above. This is where you enter the job information so that the technician has the necessary information.

You can expand and collapse with the arrow to view job fields only.

  • For the Date and Time this refers when the job is expected to be performed.

  • The Unscheduled checkbox tasks will be displayed in the home screen's mini calendar view for better monitoring. This checkbox determines whether or not the job is scheduled.

  • Workflow refers to the process that must be followed in your industry.

  • Select the appropriate job Status. Typically, an unscheduled job begins with a tentative status or something similar.

This is a method of categorizing jobs based on their Job type(s) for easier management and monitoring.

Refers to those Technicians who will do the work. But for an unscheduled job, you may leave this field blank.

Use this field to provide as much information as the technician requires.

Once everything is completed and double-checked, Press the Save and Close

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