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How to assign the Job to the Shift type and Roster schedule that I have created?
How to assign the Job to the Shift type and Roster schedule that I have created?

Fieldinsight Job Shift and Job Roster settings

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Once you're done in configuring your company Shift type and Roster schedule, then you may now probably wanting to assign the Jobs you are creating to any of those Shift Roster.

To do that, we're providing you the quick guide below.

The Shift Roster are both disabled by default on the Jobs page. You have enable them first for your Schedulers to use it. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Ensure that you are logged in as a Scheduler or Senior Scheduler.

  2. Navigate to the settings via the Cog icon at the top right of the screen

  3. Open the System Fields page (refer to the screenshot above)

  4. Scroll down to the "Job - Scheduler" section of search the keyword "Job-Scheduler" on the webpage to quickly highlight the section you are looking for

  5. Tick both the Roster and the Shift boxes. Checking the Visible boxes enables this features on the Job's page when navigating to the webapp as a Schedulers (refer to the above screenshot). You may also tick the Required box for "Shift" if your company needs to ensure that Shift must be set for every job created. If the Required box if checked, when a Scheduler creates a Job and did not assign the Job to a Shift, the job won't be saved and it will return an error indicating that Mandatory field needs to be completed prior to saving.

Assigning the Job to your Shift Roster

After enabling the settings, you can now open an existing job or create a new one, and you must see the Roster dropdown and the Shift dropdown as the first fields appearing on the Jobs form page (refer to the screenshot above).
The Roster and the Shift dropdown selections will only display the selections you have created under the settings.


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