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Pay a subcontractor commission for a job
Pay a subcontractor commission for a job
How to setup and generate a commission Purchase Order (RCTI) for a job
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Generate a commission Purchase Order or Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI) for a subcontractor Technicians or Unit on a job with the click of a button. Check the subcontractor checkbox on the Staff or unit and set the percentage (%) commission rate. Then generate the Commission PO using the Contractor PO button on the job.

See instruction below for how to Setup the subcontractor and generate the Commission PO on a job

Generate a commission PO to pay the subcontractor

Open the job and click on the PO tab

Click on the Create contractor PO button to create the commission Purchase Order.

  • This will create a purchase order each for all Subcontractors added on the job - this is any units and technicians that have the subcontractor checkbox checked.

  • The subcontractor is added in the Supplier field

  • The commission rate (%) is set on each subcontractor - see Setup the subcontractor below

  • The default service code on the staff/unit is used as the item code

  • The commission % is calculated from the Job items only so make sure that everything that you invoice is added to the job items

  • The purchase order can be used to track expenses on the job

To view the purchase order details click on the purchase order to open it

The subcontractor is added in the supplier field

The default service code for the Unit/Technician is used to add the commission, you can edit the description in inventory

View purchase orders for a subcontractor

Open the unit or technician from settings. Click on the Show POs link to show a list of the purchase orders raised for this subcontractor.

You can also see the contractor purchase order in the purchase order list by searching for the subcontractor's name. Or for a job under the po tab.

Setup the subcontractor

  1. Open the unit or technician from Settings

  2. Check the the Subcontractor checkbox and enter the Commission in percentage

  3. Select service item from Inventory to use for the commission in the default service code field (optional)

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