If your invoices, Quotes, Reports, Purchase Orders or Bills have an old, or incorrect Purchase Order number check which placeholder you're using to generate the PO number

Note: this article if for customer purchase or work order. Not purchase orders that you send from FieldInsight to your suppliers.

There's three different ways to display a purchase or work order number on your invoices:

  1. Use the placeholder {invoice-purchase-order-number} -This comes from the purchase order number field on the Invoice. Note: if creating the invoice from a job, the Purchase Order number on the job is automatically copied to this field.

  2. Use the placeholder {purchase-order-number} - This comes from the first job on the invoices, not from the purchase order number field on the Invoice

  3. If you have an invoice for several jobs where each job has its own purchase order, you can show the PO number under the job information. To do this, check Show purchase order number in the job details section

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