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Forms, inductions, training and skills
Forms, inductions, training and skills

Manage your forms in FieldInsight, request staff to fill out for Skills, Inductions, Training, SOPs and Incident reports

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New feature in progress

When we add significant features to FieldInsight, all we ask is for customers to pay for using the new features. This will be a per feature per user addition. This will be an addition to your current plan. This ensures we can cover the cost of additional usage on our servers to present the feature and document storage.

Soon, you will be able to manage your forms in FieldInsight. Send form requests to technicians and schedulers to complete Skills, Inductions, and training specific to a site or internal Training and SOPs. Forms can also be used to file Incident reports on site.

Part two will include creating a skills matrix to quickly see the required skills and inductions for a site. You will be able to match technicians based on skills and request that they complete mandatory inductions and training for a job.


Add a form

Go to the Form Templates tab and click on Add template

Name, shortcode, and expiry

Fill out the name and short code (nickname, this is used in the skills matrix to identify this skill).

  • The expiry sets how long the form is valid for, for example if this is an annual training that you want the staff to undertake every year, set the Expiry to 1 year

Set the form type

Approvers and reminders (IN PROGRESS)

  • Select an approver - this is the staff member that checks the form when it's been submitted

  • Select a reminder type to send the form when it's requested and submitted

Assign a form to a Customer, site or project

  • Use this to add forms that are required for a specific account, site, or project, for example, a mandatory skill or induction for a site.

  • When an account, site, or project has been selected, the form will appear in the form tab

Allow comments on a form (IN PROGRESS)

Ask a staff member to complete a form

Open forms template tab and search to find the form that you want to request an employee to fill out

Select the staff to send the form to and click Add selected.

Complete a form

An email or SMS is sent with a link to fill out the form. The staff member can click on the link in the message, and fill out the form (they need to login first), or open the profile page in the app to see all forms that they have been requested to fill out.

Schedulers can see all forms that they have been asked to fill in under Library - my forms

Approve a form (IN PROGRESS)

When a form is submitted by a staff member, the Approver is sent a message with a link to view and approve the form. Schedulers can also approve forms under Library - forms. Click on a form to view it and mark it as complete

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