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Resolving addresses on the Map
Resolving addresses on the Map

Troubleshooting for problems related to resolving addresses on the Map

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Resolving address on a map can be tricky in particular for lager sites like hospital or new builds that don't even have and address yet. Here's a few tips and trick for how to resolve addresses when scheduling a job.

Why should I resolve my job site address on the map?

Without a resolved address the job will not show on any maps in FieldInsight, that's including the Job Map, Map Planner and technicians Map on Mobile. Also Technicians will not be able to use the Map link under the job on Mobile to open navigation.

Click on the map to select the location

If your location doesn't have an address or the address can't be found, you can click on the map to set the location for the job using the found address or Latitude / Longitude for a more exact location

Using Lat / Long will show longitude / latitude instead of the address

If you click Use Found address the map will set the closest known address

Check your Business settings

When an incomplete or unrecognised address is entered the state will be defaulted from the business settings, make sure you have the correct state selected here to default to your state, for example, because I have my State set to VIC, Australia unknown addresses, or addresses without state will get this state by default:

For example if I type '123 Flinders St, Melbourne' in the address field, 'VIC, Australia' will automatically be added to the end of the address and the address will be resolved automatically to 123 Flinders St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

If all else fails...

Check if the address can be resolved on

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