Add job details to the item description for the first item on the invoice.

Setup - Select the job details to add

To setup open Settings - Templates -Invoice

Click on Settings on the right to open the Invoice template settings

Check Populate first service item with this text

Select a service item in the dropdown - you can create a new item in Inventory if you don't want to use an existing item.

Use placeholders to add job details to the description

Create an Invoice from a job

When creating an invoice from a job, this item is added as the first item on the invoice. The description will be populated with the job information from the placeholders. This item description is also exported to your accounting software when you export the invoice.

Create the Invoice from the job page

The invoice is created with the job information in the items description

  • This is exported as an item, with the job information in the items Description to your accounting software (Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Reckon)

Please note that Invoices must be created from the Job page for the job information to be added. Adding a job to an existing invoice will not add this item or the job information.

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