Do you have asset service manuals, brochures, and files that you need to refer to when servicing an asset? You can add these to the model to keep them all together and easily add them to the assets for technicians to access in the field.

TECHNICIAN: Adding model for an asset in the field

When adding a new asset in the field, click on the Model field arrow to

Select an existing model (if you have several assets of the same model)

Use the search function to find the correct model

Or add a new model

1. Click on + new model to add a new model

2. Add a name for this model

3. Add instructions and files (optional)

- these can be reused if you have other assets of the same model

4. Click Save to save this model information and go back to the asset

SCHEDULER: Add a new model in the office

To add a new model in the office, open an asset and click on the edit link next to Model

Click on an existing model to edit or click new to add new model to add one

Name this model and add optional information such as a service description, manual, brochures, diagrams and other files. This will be visible to the technician for all assets of this model.

Click Save to save this model

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