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How to open a job to see job details?
How to open a job to see job details?

How to get to the job to see all the details and run necessary edits. There are two ways to open a job. From the Schedule and the Jobs tab.

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You have two options to open the job.

1. From the Schedule tab

Click on the Schedule at the top of the left menu bar.

In the little calendar on the left, click on the day you scheduled the job you wish to open or hover your mouse you want to open and edit.

All scheduled jobs on that day will be displayed in the Schedule on the right, in it's appropriate technician area. Make sure to pick the right job by checking the name of the technician the job is associated with, whose name is displayed on the left, in the front left column of the Schedule. Hit the colored job box to see the job details.

The job details will appear.

Note: You'll notice the yellow area move along with the mouse. Once you drag the cursor on the job, it will display the hovering job card with all the job information. You can also access the job by clicking on the Edit tab from the top horizontal menu on that yellow hovering job card.

2. From the Jobs tab

Hit the Jobs button in left menu bar. From the dropdown menu choose the type of jobs you want to open.

The lists of jobs will appear. To open the job details hit the little drop down menu and click on Edit or the job serial number number.

Here's something pretty handy. To get more info on the customer related to that job, toggle up that arrow. Just hit the toggle, and you'll see the customer details and also the job history associated with that customer.

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