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The geo location tag is missing for photos
The geo location tag is missing for photos

To preserve the geo location tag using iPhones, upload the photo as a file do not use the camera from the browser

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If you want to preserve the geo location tag for photos the image needs to be uploaded to the job as a file, not captured using the camera. It is a privacy protection feature in the iPhone to not share the location for photos captured using the browser. Also location needs to be enabled for photos in Settings - privacy - location


  1. Take the photos using the camera on you iPhone

  2. Open the job and click Add photo or file

  3. Select Photo Library

  4. Check the photos to add to the job from the library

Note: If you use the options 'Take Photo or Video' the Geo location tags will be removed by the iPhone. This is a privacy feature of the iPhone which cannot be changed.

Android phones do not have this problem and preserves the geo location tag when using the camera from the browser.

View the geo location data for an image

To view the geo location data the image needs to be downloaded, not view in the PDF report / Invoice. You can add a link in the PDF report for your customers to download the image using the placeholder for the fiel custom field on the job

Add the placeholder for the job file custom field in the template:

The photo/file appears on the PDF as a link to download

Is location enabled for the iPhone camera?

Make sure you have location enabled for camera on your iPhone in

Settings - Privacy - Location - Services - Camera

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