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Customer notes on Quotes, Invoices and reports
Customer notes on Quotes, Invoices and reports

How to add template customer notes that you can edit before sending the quote

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Do you type the same or similar notes over and over on your quotes? You can setup these as template notes to edit on each quote before sending. This also works on invoices, reports, purchase orders and bills. You need access to settings to set this up.

Add the template notes

Open settings - templates - quotes and click on the template that you want to add the notes for.

1. Show the notes on the PDF quote

If you already have the notes showing on the PDF - skip to step 2. If not to show you need to add the placeholder to the PDF template.

Add the placeholder {quote-customer-notes} and {quote-special-conditions} to the section where you want the notes to appear

2. Enter template notes

There are two separate note fields on the quote, Customer notes and Exclusions / Inclusions / Special Conditions. Enter your template notes in the fields use the WYSIWYG toolbar to format the text. see using the wysiwyg editor for more information on how to format text.


3. Edit the notes when creating the quote

When creating a new quote, select the tempalte where you added your notes, they will appear in the notes to customer section on the quote page. Edit the notes as needed and send the quote as usual.

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