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Import Product items to Inventory
Import Product items to Inventory

Import your product list to FieldInsight

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Import or update your product items from a spreadsheet using your supplier price lists

To import Product items open Inventory - product items and click on Import items

Download your template spreadsheet file and open it.

Add your product items to the spreadsheet

Do not edit the headings, each column in this spreadsheet maps to the field where the data will be imported and each row is a separate item.

The Markup % is calculated from the sales price. If you don't add a sales price in the import file the sales price will be 0.

When you are finished adding the items, save the file as a CSV file. Depending on what software you use to edit the spreadsheet. This might be under save or export. The file name should end with .csv

Click on the Import button and select the saved .csv file. The import will start automatically

Click on the link to review the items in your inventory list

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