Create sub-assets linked to a primary asset

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Are you managing assets with several parts that need to be tested separately? Sometimes an asset has too many parts to manage as one asset. Sub-assets works the same way as other assets, except that they are linked to the primary asset. They have the same set of fields as other asset including Asset ID, type, location, notes and custom fields.

Add a new sub asset to a Primary asset

Open the Primary asset and click on the sub-assets tab. Click on Add sub-asset

Fill out the details for the new sub-asset. All the fields are the same as on the primary asset. You can setup your fields as needed by hiding unused fields and adding custom fields based on Asset type. For more information on how to configure your Assets see Getting started with asset management

Click save to save the sub asset

The Sub-assets are listed in the Sub-asset tab on the primary Asset. You can add as many Sub-assets as needed.

Mobile: Add new sub-asset

Open the primary Asset and expand the Sub-asset section. Click on the Add sub-asset button

Fill out the asset details and click save

The Sub-asset appears in the sub-asset list on the primary asset

The sub-asset also appear in the asset list on the job, they can be searched the same as primary assets

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