Microsoft Power Bi for reporting

Create job reports to analyse your data with the Power Bi integration

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Create powerful reports to visualise and analyse your business using Power Bi. Get daily reports to track your business profitability, analysing job data, timesheets and assets from your FieldInsight account. After the setup the data from FiledInsight is automatically updated in Power Bi in the background.

Configure reports

Short of time? We can configure the reports for you, click on the button below for a quote

Setup the Integration

You need a Power Bi Pro account to use the FieldInsight integration. We'll help you set up the integration, contact us on to get started.

Select data to export

Select the data to export from FieldInsight to Power Bi, please note that once this data has been set, you cannot change it.

Setup your reports

Once your initial data has been exported, you will see it in Power Bi. Use the controls to configure your reports. If you don't have an analyst in your business we can hep you to configure the reports, click here to request a quote.

For more information about Microsoft Power Bi see

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