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Quote sections

How to use quote sections and create POs, invoices and jobs from quotes

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Separate the line items on a quote in sections that you can later turn into jobs

Adding sections on a quote

When adding items to a quote you can separate the items into sections, each section has a note section where you can add a heading and description. The first section is added by default. Click on the + Section button to add another section.

Add items and jobs as usual to the section using the + Items and + Job button.

To edit the heading, click on 'Inventory section' to view the WYSIWYG Editor Bar

To hide a section on a quote uncheck the visibility checkbox, this will hide the section and remove the items from the total

Create a job, Invoice or Purchase order for a section

To add the items from one section to a job, click on the three dots to the right of the section.

  • Copy to new document - select this to create. a new sales documents for the items in in this section

  • Copy to new job - select this to create a new job and add the items from this section

  • Copy to existing job - select this to copy the items to an existing job

  • Add job - just add a job to this section without copying any items

  • Add job with inventory - Add an existing job and copy all the inventory from that job to this section

Template settings for PDF

Modify the template to show the section on the PDF. Open settings - template and click on the template name.

Scroll down to the inventory table settings and select Show Section. This will show the section heading in the inventory table.

  • Show line items in groups - check this to show the individual items under the section headings, or uncheck to show the headings only

  • Show sub total - check this to show a sub total for each section

  • Group items by job - keep checked to show items under jobs when you have several jobs on a document. Uncheck this is you don't want to sort the items under jobs and show all item together. The jobs appear under each section.

Item section on the PDF

Show all jobs at the top then the sections (option)

If you want to show all job detail at the top and then the sections, add all jobs top the first section, then add a second section with items.

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