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Using html markup in templates
Using html markup in templates

Adding colour and other html styles in templates.

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Simple html markup can be added to templates to improve the look of the resulting output.


<b>text in bold</b>


<em>italic text</em>


<p style="color:black">This is a black paragraph.</p>

There are many handy colour names you can use a table of them can be found here.

Specific colour can also be entered with their hex number codes in the following way:

<p style="color:#000000">This is a black paragraph.</p>

a colour picker that displays the hex number codes can be found here:

Font size

The font size is also adjustable.

<p style="font-size:30px">Text is 30px</p>

Combining more than one effect.

A semicolon is used to include a list of style attributes that need to apply to the same paragraph. For example:

<p style="color:black;font-size:30px">Text is 30px</p>

Markup can be tested with a site such as this one before adding the code to Fieldinsight.

Be careful to get the syntax spot on as it may break in creative and unexpected ways.

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