Email address settings.

How to configure inbound and outbound email in Fieldinsight.

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Any email sent from FieldInsight will have a 'From:' address of '', but the ReplyTo address will be taken from the Settings page under "Accounts Email Address".

Its a good idea to set "Accounts Email Address" to be the main email address of your scheduler as replies to email from FieldInsight will then go somewhere sensible.

There are at least three ways you can configure inbound email to job functionality.

You find this on the settings page, select AddOn, and then select Mail2Job.

The simple way is to choose a username such as 'MyHVACco' and use the domain ''. Then any mail to '' will appear in the unscheduled jobs section on the left of the calendar.

The username you use in this case has to be unique across all our clients and you might find somebody else has the one you want. You also might not want to have our domain in view for your customers.

The second way to configure email2 job is to forward mail to us.

In this case you add an email forwarding rule into your own email system. The way you do that is going to vary quite a bit depending on where you host your corporate mail so we don't have specific details here but we can help you with this if you run into difficulties with it.

In this case you can make an email address like '' in your own email system and set that to forward to ''.

Then in the mail2job configuration you should add 'jobs' and ''

This relies on your mail server including a X-Original-To: header so we can tell who the mail was originally for before the forwarding too place.

If your mail server does not do that then the more complicated solution is to crate a subdomain such as and to configure that in your DNS to send mail to us. You would do that with a MX record such as MX 10

Our system administration team would work with you to get this configured correctly on both your side and our side.

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