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Create a To-do template list
Create a To-do template list

Create a template To-do list to be added to jobs when the job type is set

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Automatically add repeat to-do lists to jobs by type and status. For example you might have a list of admin tasks to do when a job is complete, with the template to-do list you can add these automatically when an Install job (Job Type) is set to Completed (Job status)

Add a new template list

Open To-dos and click on the template tab. Click on + List to add a new template list

1. Add a name and description for the list

2. Select the job types and job statuses that you want to add this list to jobs for

3. Click create to save the list

4. Add tasks to the list

  • Add name and description (optional) for this task

  • Select a due date (optional, leave empty to set this later)

  • Select a type (optional)

  • Assign the task to a staff member (optional)

  • Select a staff member to notify when the task is done (optional)

Click create to save the task

Adding template lists to jobs

The to-do lists are automatically created under the To-do tab on jobs when the selected Job type and status is set.

The template To-Do list for the matching job type is copied to the job. You can edit this list, add more To-do tasks and mark them off as done when they are completed.

These tasks also appear in the To-Do list under Job Tasks

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