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MYOB Advanced Integration

Integrate FieldInsight with MYOB Advanced.

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If you use MYOB Advanced, you can integrate your MYOB account to FieldInsight.


Click the enable button for MYOB Advanced


In the popup, on the left under FieldInsight click connect

Then click Authorize

FieldInsight is now ready to connect to MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced

Enter your MYOB Advanced username and password

Open MYOB Advanced to get your Web Service end points

  1. Click on More items - Integrations - Show all

  2. select Web Service endpoints

  3. Select Default

  4. Click on view endpoint services and select Open API 2.0

  5. Copy the URL and split it over these fields

Select if you want to your FieldInsight invoices created as Invoices or Sales Orders in MYOB Advanced

Select if you want to export your customers as Account or Site customers (this should be the custom that you invoice)

Check No item code on invoice if you don’t want to export the Inventory item codes to MYOB Advanced

Check Append site Address as a note to add the site address to the invoice note in MYOB Advanced

Select a default branch for exported items

Select a default branch to select for the exported invoices

Select a default account for exported invoices

Click save to complete the configuration

Import customers and Suppliers from MYOB Advanced

What's Next?

You can now export content from your FieldInsight account to your MYOB account. Learn more about how to export data by clicking here.

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