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PPM - view and edit a contract
PPM - view and edit a contract

How to check the status for the Planned Preventive Maintenance and edit the contract details

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Check the PPM progress for a contract

Open the Maintenance Contract page from the Asset dropdown in the main navigation.

The first page shows an overview of all contracts and the progress of the PPM tests by month with a colour to indicate what status the testing is at.

The PPM statuses are

  • Red: Missed - the tests where not completed

  • Orange: In Progress - Some tests have been completed

  • Blue: Scheduled -The ppm jobs have been scheduled

  • Yellow: Not Scheduled - The ppm jobs have not been scheduled

  • Green: Completed - All the PPM test have been completed

Click on the Month to see all the tests

Find a contract using the search

  • Change the Display period using the dropdown and the start date

  • Search by Name or site to find a specific Contract

View and edit the contract details, assets and tests

Click on a contract to view and edit the contract details, assets and tests

(updating the questions on a test can also be done in Assets - Tests)

Click on the Edit Contract button to edit the contract details, start and end date.

Check the status of the asset tests and jobs

Click on the coloured box for the month to view the progress of the asset tests and to find the scheduled jobs

Navigate to the next or previous month using the previous and next buttons. To check a completed test result click on the green completed box to open it. Schedulers can edit PPM test results, but only technicians can create them.

Add and remove assets and tests

Click on the Asset group name to add and remove the assets and tests.

Delete a contract

To delete a contract, open the contract and click on the edit button.

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