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Managing defects in the field (Mobile)
Managing defects in the field (Mobile)

Technician: How to log, edit, view and fix a defect for an asset in the field

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There are two ways to log a defect against an asset in the field, automatically from a grid answer or manually on any asset test

Raise a defect for an asset

Automatically raise a defect

When completing a test select the answer that generates a defect (this needs to be setup by a scheduler in the asset test grid) to automatically raise a defect for the asset. This will open the defect page to raise the defect.

Manually raise a defect

Defects can also be added manually on the Asset test page. While completing an asset test on mobile, scroll to the bottom and in the Defects identified section click on Add defect to raise a defect on the asset. This will open the defect page to add the defect.

Add details about the defect

Adding the defect opens the defect page to fill out details about the defect

  • Name the defect - if raised from an answer in a grid this will be populated automatically

  • Set the priority

  • Set the status

  • Add a description for the defect

  • Add images of the defect

  • Leave the resolution until the defect is resolved

  • Click save to raise the defect

View defects for asset

All defects on a job

All open defects for assets on a job are listed in the Defect section on the job page. This includes all defect in New, Awaiting Approval and Approved status for all assets on the job.

Asset defect history

A complete history of all defects raised on an asset are listed in the Defect section on the Asset page

Fix a defect

To fix a defect, click on the defect to open it

  1. Add a description in the Defect resolution

  2. Add resolution images

  3. Update the defect status to Fixed

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