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Accept Quote button workflow
Accept Quote button workflow

Add a button for your customer to click to accept quotes

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Automate your quoting workflow and save time with the Accept quote button. With the Accept quote button your customer can accept quotes online by signing the acceptance.

Accept Quote workflow

  1. Send the quote to the customer

  2. The customer clicks the accept quote button

  3. They are asked to signs the acceptance (optional)

  4. A notification is sent by email to the scheduler to say that the quote has been accepted

  5. The quote is moved to accepted status

  6. View the customer signature on the quote

1. Enable the Accept quote button

On the quote template in settings check Accept quote to enable the Accept quote button and the Ask for a customer signature on quote acceptance if you want the customer to sign the quote acceptance.

2. Send the quote as usual

Send the quote to your customer using the Email or SMS button on the quote. When the customer opens the quote, the accept quote button appears in the top right hand corner of the PDF.

3. Customer accepts the quote

When the customer clicks the Accept quote button they are presented with a webpage and asked to sign the quote (optional). When they sign and click accept they are taken to a thank you page.

4. Quote accepted notification

When a quote is accepted a notification is sent to business email address (on the business details page in settings)

The quote status is set to "accepted"

To view the signature, open the quote and scroll down to the Quote details section.


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