How to add an asset onto a job

Add the asset your tech's are going to work on to the job.

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When using our AssetINSIGHT Module, you can add the asset directly onto the job so the techs know what unit they are working on and start to create history on service work on the asset.

To be able to add an asset onto a job, you first of all need to have created the asset on the site customer. Learn how to do this HERE

Step 1 - Login and Navigate to Assets Page

Log in to FieldInsight using a scheduler account.

Step 2

Click on ‘Jobs’ > 'All' > on the menu to navigate to the Jobs page and open the job.

Then select the Job or Edit. If 'Edit' just click the little drop down menu.

Step 3

Go to the click on ‘Show all assets for this customer’ to show all the assets owned by the site customer.

if you can't find the asset that you're looking for, untick the "Used on this job" checkbox then click Search to display all the assets for that account customer.

Step 4 - Select the Asset and Asset Test

The assets owned by the customer will be shown. Tick the checkbox to add the asset(s) to the job. You have to select which one or ones will be worked on by the technician.

Step 5

Select the test(s) that you required the technician to perform on the selected asset.

Go to Assets > then select an Assets >

Look for Jobs > then open the job >

Then scroll down > Under Jobs > open the asset number

And on the Asset tab > Untick the " Used on this Job" then click search

Then move your mouse to the right > Select the test configured for your Business.

Now that you have selected the asset to be worked on, it makes it easier for the technician as well, they don't have to scroll through all the assets and get it potentially wrong. They are only presented with the one/ones they need to work on.

Step 6

Save and Close.

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