When using our AssetINSIGHT Module, you can add the asset directly onto the job so the techs know what unit they are working on and start to create history on service work on the asset.

To be able to add an asset onto a job, you first of all need to have created the asset on the site customer. Learn how to do this HERE

How that you have created the asset on the customers site you can add it to a job.

Create the job.

Once you have put in all the details of the job, you must save the job first before you can add on the asset.

Because the job is not saved.. it is showing no assets to be worked on

Now that the job as been saved, the assets that the customer owns become available for you to add to the job.

Click on the asset tab and the information is there for you. If you have several assets you can use the search to find the assets

To you add the asset to the job you must select which one or ones are going to be worked on

Hit save and close and you are done, the job will be scheduled on to your calendar at time and date that was selected.

Now that you have selected the asset to be worked on, it makes it easier for the technician as well, they don't have to scroll through all the assets and get it potentially wrong. They are only presented with the one/ones they need to work on.

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