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Scheduling maintenance jobs
Scheduling maintenance jobs

Schedule all your planned preventive maintenance (PPM) jobs with one click

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When you have setup your maintenance contract, it's time to schedule the jobs. The PPM jobs must be scheduled from the contract for the tests to appear.

Schedule PPM jobs

To schedule the jobs, open the contract by clicking on the name in the Asset Maintenance Contract Calendar

On the contract, click on the Jobs button. This will show a list of all the jobs already scheduled for this contract

Click on Schedule Jobs, to add the PPM jobs for the contract

  • If needed, adjust the start date to a different date than the contract start date

  • Set the job status for the jobs

  • Set the hours that the selected technicians needs on site to complete each test. In the example below, It takes two technicians 16 hours to complete the 'Outdoor units Monthly Service test' for all assets on this contract. An ongoing job will be scheduled over two days, 8 hours per day, every month for the duration of the contract.

  • Set the job type for each test

  • Select the technicians for each test

Optional: Add inventory items to be added to every job. If you have a fixed change for the contract you can add job items to all the jobs.

Click Schedule jobs to add all the jobs

The jobs are scheduled as callback jobs (split jobs) with ongoing jobs over consecutive days where a test takes more than 8 hours to complete. To see a list of the jobs for a contract, click on the Jobs button on the contract page

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