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Use FieldInsight to set up service maintenance plan for your internal Van's/Vehicle's
Use FieldInsight to set up service maintenance plan for your internal Van's/Vehicle's

Create a maintenance plan and keep track of the cost for parts and labor for company owned/internal assets

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If you run your own fleet of van's or trucks and do the maintenance in house. You can use FieldInsight to keep track of the service and maintenance for your own assets.

You are able to setup maintenance plans for your assets and run detailed ROI reports showing cost for parts and labour.

Please note: this is an extended feature and you will need to upgrade your account Book in a free demo to see how it works and how it can help you.

Step one) Create the type of assets you are going to maintain

Type in the asset types

Step two) Create a Site Customer in your company name (if you don't already have one)

Add in an asset

Fill in the asset details

If you want to hide some of the information on this screen (above) it is possible, as well as create custom fields applicable to your asset, Vin number instead of serial number etc here is how (create custom fields on assets)

If you want to assign a QR Code to the Van you can print it off, laminate and add to the service book, that way in the future you can scan the code and up will come the van's details.

This van is now added to my company as an asset.

Setup of Service tests to do on your Van/vehicle

Step three) create a service test

This is a short intro to Asset service tests, click here to learn more about asset service testing

Create a test

Click on Assets in the top navigation and select Tests, an

Click on the Add test button

Name your service test and click next.

Click Next

Add this test to the asset type eg Van

Click + Add Question

Select the Field Type you want for the question

The frequency is not necessary unless you are looking to set up a Preventive maintenance plan on this asset

Select your permissions

Add question

Then repeat the process with the other questions for this inspection

The Grid is a great way to create a condition checklist.

Once you have added in all your questions for this inspection click save

The Test will be sitting in your asset tests list and can be edited at any time

The Next Steps:

  • Add a service job and select the service to complete

  • Scan the QR code on your unit, or search for the unit ( if you are using QR Codes)

  • Complete the service on a smart phone or tablet. (Options to add condition reports, labour and parts to the unit/asset)

  • Tech to mark job as complete when done

  • Print reports and check the service history in the office

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