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Phase 1 Set Up - Technician Induction information
Phase 1 Set Up - Technician Induction information

Tired of following up licensing paperwork for staff/contractors ? You can now setup a staff induction to keep on top of paperwork needed.

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Staff's/contractors certifications, Licenses and insurance information is an extremely important thing to keep on top of. But it is hard to find the time.

FieldInsight has created a handy staff induction workflow that makes it easy to induct new staff/contractor and keep on top of the paperwork every year. Ever better, it is the staff and contractors that need to complete the tasks, not you!

When using this workflow you can:

Upload licenses

Upload trade certificates/qualifications

Select Job types that the staff/contractor can do

Capture signatures

Upload insurance documentation for contractors

Create Check lists for new staff

Once your induction is setup, you can automate to repeat annually with optional reminder messages to be sent to techs and schedulers.

If staff/contractors do not complete the induction they will be suspended after two weeks and all future inductions will be removed.

Suspended staff/contractors can be reinstated from the Suspended tab in settings - staff.

Set up is a little bit of work, if you need a hand to do it - contact the team at FieldInsight to book a config session.


There are a few things that need to be set up before we get in to booking an induction job this is why this is Phase 1

1) Create an internal site

2) Set up 2 job status

3) Turn on the induction workflow

4) Create the custom fields that need to be filled in

Let's get into it.

1) Create an internal site

The first thing you need to do is set up a site for the job to go to, if you already have the office or a test site in your data base hen you can use that, or you can create a new one and call it Induction site.

Once you have a site, we need to flag that site as an "internal site"

Now you need to make internal accounts visible

Now we need to mark the site you are going to use for the inductions jobs as internal

Search for the site you already have set up or create a new one.

2) Set up 2 job status

Now it is time to set up 2 job statuses

One needs to be incomplete, the other need to be completed.

Type in your status name and click the green +Add button

Now it it time to move to the next step in setup

3) Turn on the induction workflow

Scroll to scheduling

4) Create the custom fields that need to be filled in

Now it is time to put in the custom fields where you will collect the information from your staff and contractors.

examples of things to collect

Drivers Licence

Insurance certificate

Copy of trade qualifications

Select the custom fields tab

Click on the +Add job field

You need to select the induction workflow

Make the field Mandatory for the technician on your completed status

You can also create check lists for the staff to tick off as they have been done

This is all the set up complete.

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