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Create a quote quickly with Item Packages
Create a quote quickly with Item Packages

Learn how to quote quickly and efficiently with packages.

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Now that we have added packages to your account we can now use them to quickly and efficiently quote. If you do not know how to add a package you can learn here

How to add a package to a quote

Packages can be added to quotes and invoices from desktop or mobile. On desktop, create your quote or invoice in the Sales section.

Click on the + Add quote

Type or Select Customer

In the items section on the quote or invoice click on the + item button and select package. Choose the package to add from the code dropdown.

Modify the package on the quote as needed, add items to a package by clicking on the Sales Tab > Quote > Choose a quote number > Scroll down > Click + Item > Select Package item

this will not change the package as saved in inventory, just on this quote.

Update the pricing for each items on the package. Change quantity and price for the individual items or for the entire package. When the quantity is updated for the package - the quantity for all items inside the package are calculated accordingly.

Sending the Quote or Invoice to the customer

As default package items will not be visible on the PDF quote or invoice for the customer, only the package heading will show as setup on the template. The example below is only showing the description.

If you wish to have the package Items visible you will need to change the settings on the quote template

The view can then be this

Create a job from the quote to add all the items to the job

When a quote is accepted, create a job from the quote to add all the items to the job. You can create a job using the create job button at the bottom of the quote.

Go to Sales > Quotes > Open a quote number > Scroll down > Create a Job

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