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What is an Item Status used for?
What is an Item Status used for?
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FieldInsight has the ability to add in a status for inventory items. This is mainly used for customers that manufacture items.

If you want to track an items status through production this is a workflow you can follow.

Firstly you need to visit Settings and turn on the view for Item statuses

Then Select Systems Field

Scroll down the list to - Job Items - Scheduler

If you wish the Item status to be visible on the mobile for your techs or your self then you will need to turn on the mobile view as well. Scroll to - Job Items - Products - Mobile

Remember to scroll to the bottom and click save

Now it is time to add in the status that you want for your items in production.

Now that you have activated Item Status, you will be able to see the view when you add in products to a job.

As the Item moves through the production you can change the status to keep everyone up to date on progress.

Once you get to ready or completed you can then schedule the job in for completion

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