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What are product statuses used for in inventory?
What are product statuses used for in inventory?
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Before adding statuses to your account, we recommend updating your account settings so that Technicians can change the status of items. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

Add Item Statuses

Adding an item status is mainly used for when you are manufacturing items or getting things customized. You can add the status of in production for example, or at the paint shop so you can track the item's progress on the job.

It can them be moved to completed and you know you are ready to assign a tech and complete the installation.

Add in the status that you want to use for your Items. To add hit enter or select the green +Add button

Your statuses are now entered

To edit a status

Type the changes you want to make and click save

Now that you have the Statuses, your techs can update them in the field if required

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