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Track you bills against your job using our Xero integration.
Track you bills against your job using our Xero integration.

Sync your supplier invoices to bills from Xero onto your job.

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If you use Xero for your accounting package and supplier invoices you can import your bills from Xero as soon as they are created.

Important: Only bills with a matching supplier in FieldInsight are imported. The supplier is matched by email address.

If you don't use Xero for bills You can still use Bill management by manually creating Bills in FieldInsight to track paper supplier Invoices, have a look at this article for

Keep track of your actual costs by adding and tracking the costs from your bills. import bills automatically from Xero (setup in Xero settings).


Enable import of new bills from Xero to FieldInsight

Open Settings

In the tabs select Add - ons

Click on the Edit settings button to edit the Xero settings.

Select organisation to sync to.

Check Pull new bills from Xero in the Document section to enable importing new bills from Xero to FieldInsight when they are created.


Make sure that the supplier email is the same in FieldInsight and Xero, Bills are imported only if a matching supplier email is found in FieldInsight

In Xero

Add any details that you need to reference this bill in FieldInsight to the Xero reference field on the bill. This will make it easier for you when you are reconciling in FieldInsight

In FieldInsight

Bills that are imported from Xero will appear in the bill list under sales in the main menu. When the bill status is changed in Xero it is automatically updated in FieldInsight.

Open the bill and click on the add job button in the inventory section.

Search for the job that bill is for.

Note: If the Bill is for more than one job you can select more than one then Add Selected jobs.

When the Bill Status is changed in Xero (to Paid) the bill status is automatically updated in FieldInsight.

Now now it is time to reconcile the Purchase Orders to the bill

To link a bill to a purchase order

Search for the Purchase Order that you want to reconcile.

Click on the + bill button and select the bill to reconcile to this Purchase Order.

When all bills have been received, mark the Purchase Order as billed by changing the purchase order status to Bill received.

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