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How to add the mobile app on a Apple device via Chrome
How to add the mobile app on a Apple device via Chrome

Access FieldInsight webApp, via your bookmarks on your google account in chrome.

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This help document is to help you get to the FieldInsight webApp, via bookmarks on your Google Account.

Apple have removed the ability to add WebApps in to your home screen via there Chrome search engine. They also no longer allow you to bookmark a page on your mobile.

If you wish to use chrome to access FieldInsight you will need to follow these steps.

Open Chrome on your computer

1) Login on to the FieldInsight Website Via a Desktop device and click the login button

2) Enter in your details

3) Follow these steps

Click on Done

Now follow these steps now to access the App via the Chrome Mobile App.

4) Click on Chrome on your device.

5) Open Chrome on your device

Or you can select bookmarks this way

6) Select Mobile Bookmarks

7) Select the app, under the name that you called it

8) Login with your details. Remember to tick remember me ( if you tick this box you don't have to login all the time)

9) You will be taken to the jobs page.

Please Note: if you selected the remember me, you just need to click on the app and it will open automatically.

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