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How to make a field mandatory for the Scheduler to fill in on the job.
How to make a field mandatory for the Scheduler to fill in on the job.

Don't miss out on important information. You can make field's mandatory So schedulers will not be able to close the job until answered.

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Through out your workflow there will be times that you need to know mandatory information before you move the job to a new status or take the initial booking.

When taking the initial booking we can make some of the system fields be required

This means the scheduler can't close off the job until that field has been populated.

Examples of system fields you might make mandatory

  • First name

  • Purchase order number

  • Job Type

To make these particular fields mandatory

You can also create custom fields make them mandatory on status changes or as the job progresses through your workflow.

Examples of questions you might like to make mandatory when your scheduler place's a job in the status of scheduled/confirmed

  • Have you confirmed the address of the job?

  • Did you confirm the email and site contact mobile?

  • Is the customer aware of the standard fees and charges?

  • Are there any special instructions?

  • Are there any known parts that need ordering before the job

These are just examples. You can create the questions that are specific to your business.

Here is how you create a custom field and make it mandatory for your scheduler to answer when changing a job status.

In this example I am going to create a multi select drop down list

Click add on the Add job field button

Customise the field

  • Name your field and select what type of field you want you.

  • Select that you want this field to be mandatory to save a job in a specific job status. When this is selected and the field is empty the scheduler/technician will get a notice saying they have to complete this field to save the job.

Save the field

Add in your questions

Sort alphabetically if needed and click on the x at the top right hand side to save

If you want to move this custom field on your job page you can by using the green up and down arrows

Your scheduler will now need to tick to confirm all the questions prior to bring able to save the job in scheduled/confirmed

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