If you must have some information from a tech before they close off the job.

You can create custom fields make them mandatory.

This means the techs can't close off the job until that field has the data you require.

Examples of questions you might want mandatory

  • Have you signed off your SWMS?

  • Did you add all your inventory items?

  • Do you have all your tools?

  • Did you take all your photos?

  • Did you sign in and out of the premise.

You can also make it mandatory to take a pre and post job photo.

Or to answer a set of questions.

This is how you get those questions answered.

To add a custom field

Click add on the Add job field button

Customise the field

  • Name your field and select what type of field you want you.

  • Select that you want this field to be mandatory to save a job in a specific job status. When this is selected and the field is empty the technician will get a notice saying they have to complete this field to save the job.

4. Save the field

5. Reorganise the fields on the job page using the green up and down arrows

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