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How to search for an existing Site Customer and add a new job
How to search for an existing Site Customer and add a new job

A site customer calls that you did work for 3 years ago. FieldInsight makes it easy to find the customer and book in a new job.

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WP Site has just called to book in a new install job with you. You know you did work for WP Site a few years back.

This help document is to guide you how to search for Joe and book in that new install job, so you don't end up with two records for Joe. But if you do have two records we have you covered with our customer merge feature.

There are two ways you can search for an existing site customer and add a new job.

I am going to show you both ways.

  1. The first way is to go into the site customer records like this..

Type the customer name in the search box and hit the Search tab.

The customer record will appear. To open the customer record and add a new job, click on the orange customer record line.

There's another way. Hit the little black downward arrow to open the dropdown menu. Choose Edit, Job History, Add job, or Delete.

Confirm site customer details, run any necessary edits, and hit the Add job button at the bottom of the notes.

2. The second way is to go directly into the calendar and add from there.

Hover your mouse and click on the day you wish to book the job in and the staff member you are allocating.

Type the name of the customer in the search box and the customer details will appear in the dropdown list.

Or, if you prefer you can search manually for the customer. To do that, hit the arrow on the right and from the dropdown list select the customer you're looking for.

Confirm the customer details are the same, make changes if needed.

Need help? Let's touch base. Just shoot us a message anytime. And, don't forget to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. Can't wait to hear your feedback!😊

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